Image of pet greens live catnip plant

Live Catnip

Why Buy Dry? Get Live!

Aromatic :: Non-Addictive :: Kitty Bliss: Catnip! It’s like rocket fuel for kitties! As crazy as cats are for dried catnip, live catnip really triggers their pleasure centers. If you want to see a truly happy cat, make them purr with our premium Pet Greens® Live Catnip – a safe, non-addictive treat.

Watering: Water your catnip about twice a week. The best way to water your catnip is to place the container in a saucer and water it from the bottom. Make sure the soil stays moist but do not let your catnip stand in water for more than an hour.

Light and Ventilation: Place your live catnip in a bright, well ventilated location.

Re-potting: Catnip can grow quickly and can be transplanted into a larger pot or outdoors.

Feeding: Feed to your cat as a blissful treat any time of day. Simply pinch off small amounts of the plant for your cat to enjoy. Catnip is safe and non-addictive. Pet Greens® Live Catnip is also perfectly safe for your cat to eat.


Why do cats love catnip?

Catnip contains a natural substance, called Nepetalactone, which triggers a euphoric, mood enhancing response in the brain. For most cats, catnip also stimulates exercise and appetite. Studies have shown that a small percentage of cats may not react to catnip because they do not carry an inherited “catnip gene.” The catnip gene becomes active when a kitten is about 6 to 8 weeks old; however, most cats experience the greatest benefits from catnip when they have matured to 9 months.

Is catnip safe?

Yes. Experts say that catnip is not at all toxic or addictive in any amount. Nepetalactone, the natural substance found in catnip that triggers the euphoric response and /or increased activity, never actually enters the bloodstream, so there’s no danger to your pet.