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Our Roots

Pet Greens was founded on the remarkable healing properties of wheatgrass - and inspired by pets and the people who love them.

Catherine, a So Cal native, has always been into health food in general and wheatgrass shots specifically, and initially thought of growing wheatgrass to supply the rising juice trade. Her Kiwi brother-in-law, Marty, a genuine MacGyver, brought that vision to life: his innovative nature and broad-spectrum expertise allowed him to design and build everything they needed to grow wheatgrass organically, right there on the family farm in San Marcos, California.

Both being animal lovers, they soon realized there was a need for healthy greens in pets’ lives as well. Recognizing the fact that many pets spend most of their lives indoors, they made it their mission to provide them with healthy, life- enriching ways to connect with nature and satisfy their craving for fresh, live greens. Wheatgrass was the perfect answer – the tender, juicy blades are packed with nutrients and supply gentle, natural fiber. So 24 years ago they shifted their focus to the pet industry, and the Pet Greens brand was born.

Pet Greens organic wheatgrass was so well-received that they expanded into growing live catnip and developed a line of treats for dogs and cats using a proprietary recipe that includes wheatgrass and other healthy greens. This innovative solution of bringing the outdoors in gives pets a full and happy life – so they can truly thrive inside!

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Small But Mighty

We have a soft spot for small rescues with big hearts, who often don’t get a lot of recognition.

Their pure devotion to the animals in their care inspires us - they are heroes! Below is a list of some of the animal rescue organizations we currently support.


Small But Mighty Recipients

  • The Cat House on the Kings
  • Wild Wonders
  • San Diego House Rabbit Society
  • The Black Cat Café
  • Treetops Kitty Café
  • Whiskers Without Borders
kitten held in hands