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Have you ever wondered why your cat can’t resist nibbling on your favorite houseplants? Or why your dog tugs at the leash to chomp on a mouthful of lawn grass?  While this quirky behavior may surprise some pet owners, experts on nutrition and pet care suggest that pets are instinctively attracted to chlorophyll-rich plants. If your dog or cat is an indoor/outdoor pet, limiting exposure to potentially harmful greenery may be a challenge, but you can help divert their attention by providing their own supply of greens.

For 16 years, we have been stocking local pet store shelves with live, ready-to-use containers of fresh certified organic wheat grass (a.k.a. cat grass). And actually, it’s not “grass” at all – not the kind that grows on your lawn. It is the sprout of a wheat seed – and before you freak out, although it is sprouted from a wheat seed, wheat grass contains NO WHEAT GLUTEN.

Wheat grass provides really awesome green nutrition for your pets: 
High in protein (contains more protein than meat or eggs!)
      :: Valuable fiber to help support healthy digestion
      :: One of the richest sources of chlorophyll on the planet!
      :: Add to that all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes
       contained in wheat grass, and you’ve got one of the most perfect,
       life-sustaining foods available!

Because our Pet Grass is so crazy popular, we felt our devoted fans were ready to excite their discerning palates with our latest inspiration: House Blend Pet Grass! It's a bold and spicy brew of oat grass, rye grass and barley grass - yum! 


Pet Greens® Pet Grass®

Pet Greens® Garden
Prefer to grow your own? Grow fresh Pet Grass right out of the bag with our 100% certified organic Pet Greens® Garden or Medley self-grow kit.

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